Got back to Atlanta this past weekend after 10 days of travelling through PA. Back to the home gym and Taiji class!

Monday, 7/22/13
I had Taiji class at the Shaolin Institute in the morning, we focused on qigong and taiji push hands, then did my strength training in the afternoon.

1. squat: 145x5, 160x3, 180x6
2. 2-kb long cycle (clean & jerk): wave 1 - 16kg x 9/1:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00;  wave 2 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00;  wave 3 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 6/1:00
3a. GHR: 3x8
3b. weighted ab bench: 3x15

Tuesday, 7/23/13
Started the morning off with lots of qigong, taiji and meditation...

1. bench press: 105x5, 120x3, 135x6 (super-setted band pull-aparts for 10-12 with every set of bench)
2a. lat pulldown: 4x12-15
2b. incline dumbbell bench: 3x15
3a. pushdown: 3x15
3b. dumbbell curl: 3x10
3c. lateral raise: 3x10
4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00

Done! Feels good to be back!!

Got to train twice this week at my favorite gym when travelling to visit Lisa's family - Webb's World of Fitness in Penn Hills. This is a great gym, typical old school bodybuilding type of place. Two big power racks, tons of free weights and Hammer Strength, and chalk marks on the bars. BOOM!

Wednesday, 7/17/13 - Lower Body 

1. squat: 125x5, 140x5, 160x10
2. deadlift: 155x5, 185x5, 205x5
3a. 45 degree back raise: 4x10-15
3b. calves: 4x15
3c. pulldown abs: 4x20

Thursday, 7/18/13 - Upper Body

1. bench press: 95x5, 105x5, 125x10
2a. press: 55x5, 65x5, 75x10
2b. chins: 25 reps
3. Hammer Strength row: 90x15, 140x12, 160x10 / 2 sets
4a. lateral raise: 4x10-15
4b. DB curl: 4x8-15
5a. face pulls: 3x15-20
5b. pushdown: 3x20-50

Hitting the PGH Casino today, then back on the road to the ATL 

Got away from keeping my training log updated due to being really busy this past week or so. On vacation now until 7/21 - travelling from Atlanta --> State College, PA --> leaving State College Tuesday for Pittsburgh then back to ATL the 20th or 21st. Still getting my workouts in though!

This past week:

Monday (still in ATL): 
did squats & deadlifts, glute/hams and ab work + taiji class

Tuesday (still in ATL): did bench press & military press and upper body accessory work (chins, seated rows, and arm work)

Wednesday (sill in ATL): taiji class

Thursday: travel day, 16 hours on the road from ATL to State College, PA

Friday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym, they have a ton of cardio equipment, a Cybex universal machine, and dumbbells-not bad, but not ideal!): light cardio + full body strength: goblet squats, DB bench press, DB row, DB RDLs, lat pulldown, DB shoulder press, pushdowns, curls, 45 degree back raise, and ab curls (3 sets of everything - performed the first 3 exercises as a circuit, the 2nd 3 as a circuit and the last 4 as a circuit)

Saturday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym): interval cardio + ab circuit (3 ab drills x 3 sets each)

Sunday (State College): Lisa and I did a long trail walk, easy cardio

Plan to hit a full body strength workout tomorrow, we are driving to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, then back to powerlifting workouts, there is a nice bodybuilder's gym near my in-laws, plan to do squats/deads on Wed and bench/military press on Fri.

Today's training...

Monday, 7/15/13: still in State College, PA training at hotel fitness center

Full body circuit training:

1a. goblet squat: 4x10
1b. incline DB bench press: 4x10
1c. 45 degree back raise: 4x10
1d. lat pulldown: 4x10

2a. lateral raise: 3x12
2b. pushdown: 3x15
2c. DB curl: 3x10
2d. reverse sit-up: 3x12

Hopefully back to a real gym by Wednesday!

Thursday 6/20/13 Training

*stretching, mobility, foam roll, jump rope, and kettlebell swings to warm up..

1. deadlift: 150x5, 175x5, 195x10
2a. barbell row: 4x10
2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10
3a. ab wheel: 3x10
3b. side bend: 3x10
4. prowler x 8 --> super setted Indian club swinging after every two trips with the prowler

Today's training..

Started the morning with some qigong and meditation...

This afternoon's strength session:

*Indian Club swinging - a ton to warm up

1. bench press: 90x5, 100x5, 115x10 (*chins x 32 reps)
2a. incline bench: 5x10
2b. lat pulldown: 5x12
3a. pushdowns: 4x15
3b. db curls: 4x10
3c. laterals: 4x10

Short and sweet! Time for evening clients...

Had taiji class earlier today then...

1. squat: 115x5, 135x5, 155x10
2. GHR: 4x10
3a. reverse hyper: 3x10
3b. ab bench: 3x25
4. Indian Club swinging

Short and sweet!

Today's training..
qigong & taiji training earlier, then:

LOTS of Indian Club swinging - shoulders feel great!

1. Press: 55x3, 65x3, 75x8 (*chins x 20 reps)
2a. close grip bench press: 4x10
2b. seated row: 4x12
3a. barbell curl: 5x10
3b. laterals / bent over laterals: 3x10 of each

That's all she wrote! No extra conditioning today, 3 days of prowler sprints and extra kettlebell conditioning is plenty!

38 today!

Did some qigong and taiji, then...

1. deadlift: 160x3, 185x3, 205x8
2a. bent over row: 95x10 / 4
2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10
3a. ab wheel: 3x10
3b. side bend: 3x10
4. prowler spring x 10
5. KB work w/ 20kg bell: 1-arm jerk x 3:00; 1-arm snatch x 3:00; 1-arm long cycle x 3:00 (rested 1:00 between each) finished with 3:30 of 1-arm swings...

Done! Feeling great!!!

Today's Training 
Early on did a little qigong, taiji and sword taiji..

Strength & Conditioning Work
warmed up with a lot of stretching, mobility, Indian club swinging, and jumping rope
1. bench press: 95x3, 110x3, 120x8 (chins x 29 reps)
2a. incline bench: 5x10
2b. pulldown: 5x12
3a. pushdown: 4x25
3b. face pull: 4x25
4. prowler w/ 50 x 8
5. 1-arm kb swing: 24kg x 30 ea. arm

Alright, started a new cycle today - just more of a general strength / hypertrophy / conditioning type of thing - to build back a lot of the strength I lost training for the spring KB meet... Of course still doing Taiji and Qigong daily when possible.

Monday 6/10/13
*warmed up with lots of flexibility, foam rolling, jump rope and kettlebell swings...

1. squat: 125x3, 145x3, 160x8
2. deadlift: 140x5 / 3
3a. GHR: 3x10
3b. GHR sit-up: 3x10
4. prowler: 6 trips - 2x90, 2x70, 2x50