I was inspired to write this post after a few emails I exchanged the other day with a yoga teacher / friend of my wife Lisa's and mine.

The idea in the emails was that it was possible to build a strong, lean, muscular body without eating meat and loading up on a ton of protein supplements as the fitness industry tries to insist.

I am going to stray from that topic a bit, but it is an essential theme in this blog.

I know some people may read Abundant Health and think, "WOW. Scott's tune has changed. He used to say just lift weights and everything else will fall into place." Yes. That is close to how I used to think. It was all about lifting weights, consuming tons of protein, and repeating.

However, if you read the book, you'll notice that strength is simply one component of what I am recommending and it does not stand out in front of any other aspect of the program. Does that mean I am anti-hardcore strength training? Absolutely not. The strength recommendations I provide in the book are targeting people who don't have an extensive training background, are not training for something specifically, and need a simple, effective way to strengthen their bodies. Will the strength training recommendations in the book come close to satisfying the needs of a high level athlete? No, and I never said that they would.

The idea that I am trying to present in the book is that there are other important aspects of human development that are often neglected that can have an extremely positive impact on our health, longevity, and well-being.

If you like following your own training plan, or if you like to body-build, or power-lift, or whatever - do it! Just try to bring in the other aspects presented to create a healthier, more well-rounded training plan. Remember the concept I reiterate in the book - health is not something we have to go through on the way to fitness.

What if you are a competitive athlete? That's easy - your sport performance trumps everything else. Your main goal is being the best you can at whatever competitive discipline you engage in. Regardless, I would still make time to do the energy work, meditation, etc. as this can only have a positive impact on your performance.

I even have a very high level powerlifter, who after his last competition (where he did exceptionally well by breaking records in all three of his lifts plus his total) changed his nutrition and approach to health. After only a couple of months he experienced a 20% reduction in his total cholesterol and a 10% drop in his LDL! All of his other lab results checked in right where they needed to be and he was astounded and quite pleased. 

The biggest change he made was to eat a predominately plant-based diet, basically juicing for breakfast, eating a vegetarian or vegan lunch, then eating a healthy dinner that might contain animal-based foods. I feel it is important to note that while he leaned up by dropping about 7 lbs of fat, his strength and muscle mass are still in-tact and he has reported a huge increase in his energy and a much higher quality of sleep. He indicated that he definitely plans to continue with this approach and have been quite vocal about the benefits he's experienced.

Now, what if we go a step further. Is it possible to build strength and muscle on a totally vegan or YIKES - a RAW vegan diet?  I'd say absolutely!

Check out www.veganbodybuilding.com for fantastic information on vegan bodybuilders and watch this short YouTube video clip of raw vegan bodybuilder Danny Dalton. Danny is a HUGE inspiration to me and the main reason I began learning about the benefits of raw vegan nutrition. Basically his approach to nutrition is to eat a 1/3 of his daily food from greens, 1/3 from other fruits and vegetables, and 1/3 nuts and seeds. He doesn't use supplements, no pills or powders, and he only spends about $6 a day on food - kind of blows that "it costs a lot of money to eat healthy" theory away, doesn't it?

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12/27/2016 02:27

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