Got away from keeping my training log updated due to being really busy this past week or so. On vacation now until 7/21 - travelling from Atlanta --> State College, PA --> leaving State College Tuesday for Pittsburgh then back to ATL the 20th or 21st. Still getting my workouts in though!

This past week:

Monday (still in ATL): 
did squats & deadlifts, glute/hams and ab work + taiji class

Tuesday (still in ATL): did bench press & military press and upper body accessory work (chins, seated rows, and arm work)

Wednesday (sill in ATL): taiji class

Thursday: travel day, 16 hours on the road from ATL to State College, PA

Friday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym, they have a ton of cardio equipment, a Cybex universal machine, and dumbbells-not bad, but not ideal!): light cardio + full body strength: goblet squats, DB bench press, DB row, DB RDLs, lat pulldown, DB shoulder press, pushdowns, curls, 45 degree back raise, and ab curls (3 sets of everything - performed the first 3 exercises as a circuit, the 2nd 3 as a circuit and the last 4 as a circuit)

Saturday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym): interval cardio + ab circuit (3 ab drills x 3 sets each)

Sunday (State College): Lisa and I did a long trail walk, easy cardio

Plan to hit a full body strength workout tomorrow, we are driving to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, then back to powerlifting workouts, there is a nice bodybuilder's gym near my in-laws, plan to do squats/deads on Wed and bench/military press on Fri.

Today's training...

Monday, 7/15/13: still in State College, PA training at hotel fitness center

Full body circuit training:

1a. goblet squat: 4x10
1b. incline DB bench press: 4x10
1c. 45 degree back raise: 4x10
1d. lat pulldown: 4x10

2a. lateral raise: 3x12
2b. pushdown: 3x15
2c. DB curl: 3x10
2d. reverse sit-up: 3x12

Hopefully back to a real gym by Wednesday!



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