Got back to Atlanta this past weekend after 10 days of travelling through PA. Back to the home gym and Taiji class!

Monday, 7/22/13
I had Taiji class at the Shaolin Institute in the morning, we focused on qigong and taiji push hands, then did my strength training in the afternoon.

1. squat: 145x5, 160x3, 180x6
2. 2-kb long cycle (clean & jerk): wave 1 - 16kg x 9/1:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00;  wave 2 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 7/1:00;  wave 3 - 16kg x 10/1:00, 20kg x 9/1:00, 24kg x 6/1:00
3a. GHR: 3x8
3b. weighted ab bench: 3x15

Tuesday, 7/23/13
Started the morning off with lots of qigong, taiji and meditation...

1. bench press: 105x5, 120x3, 135x6 (super-setted band pull-aparts for 10-12 with every set of bench)
2a. lat pulldown: 4x12-15
2b. incline dumbbell bench: 3x15
3a. pushdown: 3x15
3b. dumbbell curl: 3x10
3c. lateral raise: 3x10
4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00

Done! Feels good to be back!!



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07/31/2016 06:35

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