Thursday 6/6/13
warmed up with kettlebells swings w/ 24kg & 32kg...

1a. deadlift: 135x5, 185x5, 205x3, 225x3, 245x3 / 3
1b. chins: 21 reps

2a. RDL: 135x6 / 3
2b. shrugs: 115x15 / 3

3a. 45 degree back raise: 3x10
3b. bent over row: 115x8 / 3

4a. neck harness: 3 sets
4b. ab bench: 3x25
4c. side bends: 3x10

Friday 6/7/13
1a. chins: 36 reps
1b. press: barx10 / 2, 55x8 / 2, 65x6 / 2, 75x4 / 2

2a. close-grip bench press: 4x10
2b. lat pulldown: 4x10

3a. BB extension: 4x8-15
3b. DB curl: 4x8-10
3c. laterals / bent over laterals: 4x6/6-8/8

Done for the weekend. Starting a more structured cycle next week...



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