Monday 6/3
1. squat - 1x15, 1x10, 1x8, 1x6, 2x4; 1x12
2. rack deadlift - 1x10, 3x5
3a. ghr - 3x10
3b. ghr sit-up - 3x8

Tuesday 6/4
1a. bench press - 1x15, 1x10, 1x8, 1x6, 1x5, 1x10
1b. seated row - 6x12
2a. incline db bench - 1x15, 1x12, 1x10, 1x15
2b. lat pulldown - 4x15
3a. pushdown - 3x15
3b. db curl - 3x10
3c. laterals - 3x10
4. 10 x 10 abs

Wednesday 6/5
running x 25:00

*Getting in lots of qigong and taiji this week too...



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