Today's training..

Started the morning with some qigong and meditation...

This afternoon's strength session:

*Indian Club swinging - a ton to warm up

1. bench press: 90x5, 100x5, 115x10 (*chins x 32 reps)
2a. incline bench: 5x10
2b. lat pulldown: 5x12
3a. pushdowns: 4x15
3b. db curls: 4x10
3c. laterals: 4x10

Short and sweet! Time for evening clients...



09/03/2016 14:51

This training session seems to be very simple and good one for the amateur who want to build their body and be fit doing exercise this will be very much useful for them. If they can follow the time table accordingly it will help them as good workout. Doing workout is very good for health and body can be toned in nice shape and looks fit.


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