So since the meet on 4/13 I've hit 3-4 sessions a week - doing different kettlebell work focusing on the WKC Pentathlon as my gym is hosting a team for the Pentathlon competition. We have a mixed team, 2 guys and 1 girl and we did good for the first round, placed 6th out of 38. The Pentathlon is 5 lifts (clean, long cycle press, jerk, 1/2 snatch, and push-press) each done for 6 minutes with a 5 minute rest between each exercise. I got a personal record on my pentathlon score of 1464, so that was good. Also, getting back to some basic strength training too.

Today's training...
warmed up with: lat pulldowns, GHRs, and band pulldown abs x 3 circuits
1. box squat w/ chains: 155x2 / 8
2. deadlift w/ chains: 185x2 / 5
3a. GHR: 25x8 / 3
3b. ab bench: 25x20 / 3
4. 1-arm jerks: 24kg x 10, 28kg x 5, 32kg x 5, 28kg x 5, 24kg x 10
5. 1-arm swings: 24kg x 30 

Done. Also got back to Taiji class today so feeling pretty good!



08/23/2016 10:53

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