Thursday 4/18/13 Training

1. kettlebell snatch: 12kg x 28+28/4:00; 16kg x 21+21/3:00; 20kg x 14+14/2:00; 24kg x 8+8/1:00
2. 1-arm swings: 28kg x 1+10 / 2
3a. bench press: barx10, 85x8, 95x6, 115x5 / 2
3b. pull-up: 10 reps
4a. incline db bench press: 35x8 / 3
4b. seated row: 90x12 / 3
5a. pushdown: 3x12
5b. db curl: 3x10-12
5c. db lateral raise: 3x10-12

Friday 4/19/13 Training

1. long cycle: 12kg x 20/2:00; 16kg x 20/2:00; 20kg x 12/1:30; 24kg x 8/1:00
2. 1-arm long cycle: 28kg x 5+5 / 2
3. deadlift: 135x5, 155x3, 185x5 / 2
4. pull-ups: 24 reps
5a. reverse hypers: 3x10
5b. ab bench: 3x20
*finished with some Indian club swinging.



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