4/11/13 - Last De-Load Session before the Punch Gym KB Sport Meet

1. long cycle: 20kg x 35 / 5:00 (steady 7 rpm)

4/13/13 - Punch Gym Sarasota Kettlebell Sport Championship

Got down to FL Friday evening, headed over to Punch Gym to hook up with gym owners, and good friends, Karen and Jay Trunzo and kettlebell athlete extraordinaire from NY, Jason Sanchez. We headed out to dinner at a great local Thai place then I went back to the hotel and did some work and got a decent night sleep. Saturday morning I attended and competed in, one of the best, most well run kettlebell meets of all-time (I will have a bigger write-up coming on my main blog about the whole experience) - the first ever, Punch Gym Sarasota Kettlebell Sport Championship - Congrats to Karen and Jay for pulling off one of the best ever kettlebell sport events in the US! I weighed in at 83kgs easily making my new 85kg weight class (last time I competed in the 90+kg division). I lifted in flight 10 with fellow 20kg long cycle lifter (and former student) John Beamon, and KB sport new-comer and all-around super strong guy, Bruce Davis. After warm ups I took the platform and began pacing myself at 7rpms, started feeling too exhausted at minute 4 and slowed down to a steady 6rpm pace, the set was hard but around minute 8:30/9:00 I hit the throttle and ended up making 67 reps in the 10:00 set. This was a meet personal record and good enough for first place and best lifter overall men's long cycle. This was a great event and was so cool to see so many great lifters, both old friends and new ones!

4/16/13 - Back to the ATL and back in the gym....

Changing gears a bit to get some work in on the biathlon lifts, even though I compete in the long cycle, I don't want these lifts to go to crap. Will run this until I need to start zeroing in on another contest.

1. 2-kettlebell jerk: 12kg x 22/2:00, 16kg x 20/2:00, 20kg x 12/1:30, 24kg x 12/1:30
2. 1-arm jerk: 28kg x 5+5 / 3 sets
3. squats: barx10, 95x5, 115x3, 135x5 / 2 sets
4. pull-ups: 26 reps
5a. GHR: 3x8
5b. ab coaster: 3x20



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