Today's training...

warmed up with Indian club swinging and kettlebell swings for 3 sets.

1a. chins x 30 reps (3 reps with every set of kettlebell clean & jerks)
1b. 1-arm long cycle: 16kg x 3+3, 20kg x 3+3, 24kg x 3+3, 28kg x 3+3

2a. squat: bar x 5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5
2b. rows: 120x10 / 4

3a. GHR: 4x8
3b. bench press: barx10, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5

4a. GHR sit-up: 3x8
4b. dumbbell curl: 25x10 / 3

5. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00

Done! Still looking for a new location for my training center...



05/27/2016 07:22

This training must be very interesting to perform and I like to do the same thing for myself and this pig and goat are looking so cute in this picture that I want to hug them.


I am very interested in all the information written on this page, for that I can only say thank you to all those I've read on this page.


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