Ok, I know I planned to take the rest of the week and focus on shoulder re-hab but it was feeling like a million bucks so I wanted to test it with some light deadlifts and long cycle kettlebell work.  I kept it real light and it went well.

Warm-ups: Indian club swinging with 1 lb. clubs, and double kettlebell swings with 12kg and 16kg by 10 each.

1. deadlift: 135x5, 155x5
2. long cycle: 12kg x 8,8,8,8,8 (40/5:00); 16kg x 8,8,8,8,8 (40/5:00)
3a. squat: barx5, 95x20
3b. pull-ups: 3,2,1; 3,2,1; 3,2,1 = 18 reps
4a. GHRs: 3x6
4b. pulldown abs: 3x15

Really good session and the shoulder held up well. After two weeks of reevaluating my goals and training plans for this year I've decided to focus on long cycle and deadlift, I'd like to hit 65 reps with the 24kgs in long cycle and 500 lbs in the deadlift at a BW of 180.  I also want to further my study of qigong/taiji and meditation. On top of expanding my business and helping even more people improve their health & fitness, 2013 should be an awesome year!



I am very interested in all the information written on this page, for that I can only say thank you to all those I've read on this page.

10/06/2016 04:03

Training makes a man perfect and I think if we always do practice we can get what we want. I am really inspired by you and motivated too as I have decided to have some time for my training.


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