Still avoiding pressing movements this week and keeping the focus on squats, pulls and abdominal work as well as special exercises for shoulder health.

Started the workout with some mobility and did the series of Indian club exercises I usually do with the 1 lb. clubs.

This next series was performed in a circuit, I did 1 sets of each exercise then rested for a couple minutes before repeating.  

Three circuits total were performed with 2 12kg kettlebells:
  • sumo deadlift x 10
  • chins x 5
  • front squats x 5
  • 3-point row x 10+10
  • snatch x 10 (5 on last set)
  • clean x 10 (5 on last set)
  • swing x 10 (5 on last set)
Then I did the following super-set for 3 rounds:
  • ab wheel x 10
  • "L" lateral raise w/ external rotation + side external rotation w/ 8lbs x 10 of each
I finished with the same Indian club exercise series with the 2 lb. clubs.

Done, quick, light and efficient and the shoulder is feeling great



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