Hanging with Henry!
Today's training:

Qigong & Taiji Practice

  • Qigong and joint mobility exercises to warm up
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong
  • 2nd & 3rd sections of Yang style long form (108)
  • Chen style long form
  • Taiji sword practice

Strength Training

Still keeping upper body pressing exercises out of the program, only pulling, rotator cuff work, legs and abs.  Will carry this plan through next week then see how the shoulder is feeling and re-evaluate.

1. Indian club swinging: 8 exercise series x 10 reps of each in each direction w/ 1 lb. clubs

2a. Kettlebell overhead squat / front squat w/ 1 KB:  12kg x 3/3+3/3 x 2; 16kg x 3/3+3/3

2b. Rope climb up / pull-up / rope climb down: up / 3 / down x 3

3a. Wide, parallel-grip lat pulldown: 90x10 / 3
3b. "L" lateral raise w/ external rotation: 8x10 / 3

4a. Rope face-pull: 50x8 / 3
4b. Side external rotation: 8x10 / 3

5a. 1-arm kettlebell swing: 20kg x 10/8/6/4/2; 8/6/4/2; 6/4/2; 4/2; 2 (70 reps ea. arm)
5b. Reverse sit-up: bw x 10;8;6;4;2 (30 reps)

6. Indian club swinging: 8 exercise series x 10 reps of each in each direction w/ 2 lb. clubs

Taiji class at the Shaolin Institute later and will most likely do more stretching and some inversion later in the day.  Time to write up programs and train clients!!!



I am very interested in all the information written on this page, for that I can only say thank you to all those I've read on this page.


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