Had Taiji class today at the Shaolin School - we focused on qigong, Chen style taiji long form and bsaic self-defense applications.


Indian Club swinging and kettlebell swings to warm up then...

1. deadlift: 175x5, 155x5
2. long cycle: 16kg x 50 / 7:00 (avg was 7 rpms until last minute, did 8 rpms)
3. pull-ups: 15 reps
4. full body strength circuit: squats, bench press, seated row, GHR, curls, triceps extension, med ball crunches, med ball russian twists x 3 circuits.

Done! I only planned to go 5:00 on the long cycle set today, but I was in a  great zone by 5:00, had good breath and control and pushed out to 7:00.



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