Today's training...

Started out with some basic qigong then...

Warmed up with Indian club swinging and kettlebell swings.

1. deadlift: 165x5, 145x5
2. long cycle: 24kg x 1:00 @ 6rpms / 1:00 rest x 10 sets
3. pull-ups: 27 reps
4. hanging leg raise: 2x10
*bike x 10:00

Done.  Starting to get used to the 24kg bells again.



06/26/2016 10:26

Your workout schedule looks good and prefect. You are really working hard to get your body tone into good shape. Work out in the morning is always very good for health and helps you to improve your body immunity power which keeps away from disease. This picture shows your dedication towards the work you do.


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