Today's training.

qigong, Eight Pieces of Brocade and meditation. Practiced some short and long Chen style taiji forms and taiji sword later in the day as well.

warmed up with 1 lb. Indian club swings and 2-kb swings w/ 12kg, 16kg and 20kg
1. deadlift: 135x5 / 2; 155x3 / 3
2. pull-ups: 16 reps
3. long cycle (2-kb clean & jerk): 16kg x 40 / 5:00 @ 8 rpms; ladders of 24kg x 2, 20kg x 4, 16kg x 6, 12kg x 8 (only rest was to switch bells) x 2 rounds

Full Body Circuit Training:
1. squat: 115x8
2. bench press: 95x8
3. row: 90x12
4. GHR: bwx8
5. curls: 25x10
6. french press: 40x10
7. GHR sit-up: bwx10
*3 rounds of this circuit with 1-2 minutes of rest between each circuit, no rest between exercises.




10/14/2016 10:21

This training schedule is looking good and very well prepared for good workout program. Daily workout can give you good toned body and make you to be in fit and healthy. It is very much needed one for every woman and men to be physically fit and lead good healthy life.


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