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So this is the first session back to some fairly hard training. I've decided to get back into competing in kettlebell sport and would like to do some deadlift specialist meets. I really don't care to compete in powerlifting anymore-nor would my shoulder allow heavy squatting and benching-but I do have some deadlift goals I want to hit before I hang up my lifting belt. 

My best meet deadlift is 463 @ 220 lb. weight class (I think I weighed around 206 lbs at that meet) and I'd like to hit 500 lbs at 180 lbs bodyweight. My best kettlebell results are 20kg bells @ 71 reps (WKC rank 2 lifter classification) from the GA State KB Sport Championships in 12/09 and I've done 37 reps with 24kg bells at in February 2009 at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival Kettlebell Lifting Competition. These were both done in the 90+kg weight class. Right now I'm very close to 85kg and there's a good chance I might compete at 80kg this year, we'll see.  

For kettlebell sport there is a meet in April in FL I am looking at. There is a PL meet in March that one of my lifters is preparing for and I may jump in there for the deadlift only, we'll see.

Today's training...

Started out with qigong, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Yang style short form Taiji, and Sword form work.

The I warmed up with some 1lb. Indian club swinging and 2-kb swings.

Primary Lifts
1. deadlift: 175x3, 200x3, 225x10
2. long cycle (2-kettlebell clean & jerk): 12kg x 20 / 2:00; 16kg x 18 / 2:00; 20kg x 12 / 1:30; 24kg x 8 / 1:00 

Supplementary & Accessory Work
3a. squat: 95x8 / 3
3b. chins: 18 reps (6 reps after every set of squats)
4a. reverse sit-up: 3x10
4b. Indian club swinging w/ 3lb clubs: sets of 20 between each set of sit ups
5. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00

I finished with some inversion therapy. Taiji class a little later and clients



I am very interested in all the information written on this page, for that I can only say thank you to all those I've read on this page.


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