After a training session with Dr. Ed Thomas at my facility!
Today's training...

Started off with some Indian club swinging and joint mobility, then 3 x 10 double kettlebell swings to warm up.

Still keeping things light this week...

1. deadlift: 135x5, 155x5
2. long cycle (2-kettlebell clean & jerk): 12kg x 10,10,10 (30/3:00); 20kg x 8,8,8 (24/3:00); 16kg x 9,9,9 (27/3:00)
3. squats: 95x5 / 2
4. chins: 21 reps (sets of 3 super-setted with the other exercises)
5. sit-ups: 3x10

Finished with more mobility and stretching and getting ready to head out to Taiji class, then clients, meetings and consults the rest of the day!



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