Started out with qigong warm-up and stretching, then did the Tai Gong series, followed by Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong and standing meditation.

Then I did the Yang style 108 form in it's entirety (the breaking it up and working on the individual sections helped tremendously for this as I was able to go on "auto pilot" and not think-too much!).

Then I did the Chen style long form up to the point I stopped at with Shifu.

I finished with the sword form work and standing meditation.

On to the strength training....

Warmed up with Indian club swings w/ 1 lb. clubs and kettlebell swings w/ 16kg, 20kg, 24kg...

1. Deadlift: 190x5, 215x3, 240x5
2. Squat: 160x2 / 5
3. Reverse Hypers: 3x10
4. Ab Coaster: 3x15
5. Kettlebell swings w/ 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 24kg, 16kg

Finished with Indian club swings w/ 2 lb. clubs.

Good session today. Last workout of cycle #11 (been running the same plan since 12/24/11!) on Sunday, then deload Monday then time to revamp the training plan and start 2013 on the right foot!



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