Training today started with some qigong and taiji practice.

Qigong warm up then Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong and standing meditation.

Then I worked on the 3rd section of the Yang 108 form, and my sword form.

On to the weights...

Warmed up with my Indian club swinging series w/ 1 lb. clubs

Bench Press: 130x5, 150x3, 165x4
Chins: 21 reps
Floor Press: 95x12, 115x10, 135x8 / 2
Pulldowns: 110x12,10,10
Kaz Extensions: 70x12 / 3
Rows: 90x15,12,12
DB Curls: 3x10-12
Laterals: 3x10-15

Finished with my Indian club swinging series w/ 2 lb. clubs and a vegan protein drink.



09/19/2016 06:08

This bench club i heard it before many times but never tried it.Before i have been to gym but only for a short period of time. I feel your vegan protein drink boosts you up from your workout.


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