Summer may be here, but that doesn't mean your fitness program needs to go on vacation too! Remember, real wellness is about bringing health & fitness back together.

Sure, the 6-pack abs and bulging biceps are awesome, but if you're sacrificing your health to get there you are missing the boat!

Here are 5 tips to help make your summer healthy AND fit!

1. Stay Hydrated!

Water consumption is crucial all year long, but in the summer we tend to do more activities outside and in the sun. Stay properly hydrated-a simple test is to make sure your urine is clear or lighter yellow when going to the bathroom-and NEVER wait until you are thirsty to drink!

2. Get Rid of Stress!

Stress kills! We all know it isn't good, yet we engage on it almost daily between work and personal issues. Nothing is worth making yourself sick! Take some time to yourself daily, go outside into nature, meditate, practice qigong or yoga.

Most importantly BREATH and don't let worry or negativity into your mind. Calm down your mind, stop worrying about the past, stop being anxious about the future, just breath and be present. The real trick is to make this an all-day thing and not just a part of the day thing!

3. Get Some Natural Vitamin D!

I keep hearing over and over that it only requires about 15:00 of daily exposure to the sun for your body to get its required daily dose of Vitamin D. Simple enough. Now go do it!

4. Eat Fresh, Raw Fruit and Veggies!

Summer is a great time to boost your raw fruit and vegetable intake. In addition to providing the body with the highest quality nutrition available, and giving you a huge dose of living nutrients-such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes-consuming raw fruits and vegetables may actually assist in cooling the body.

5. Have Fun!

Summer is typically when most people take their vacations, spending less time in the office and more time with the family. Try to make your fitness fun. Sure, lift the weights, do the cardio, practice your meditation and yoga, but get outside and have some fun! Go to the beach, swim, hike, rock climb. Fitness and health should not be boring! Try something new and above all else, have fun getting healthy and fit!

Stay Strong AND Healthy!




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