On 1/23/13 I had the pleasure to begin developing and monitoring the strength & conditioning program for an exceptional athlete. 9x All American swimmer from Auburn University, Karl Krug. Earlier this year we did a short profile and Q&A with Karl for the EPTS Blog, if you missed it CLICK HERE to check it out!

This is Karl's last week of training, essentially a de-load week, as this coming Friday, 6/21/13, he is heading up to Indiana for the 2013 USA Swimming National Championships and World Championship Trials. The event will run from June 25 - June 29 in Indianapolis. Karl will be competing in the 100m freestyle on Tuesday, 6/25 and the 50m freestyle on Saturday, 6/29.

I'm pretty confident that Karl is going to have an outstanding performance based on the tremendous physical progress he's made in such a short period of time with me in the gym, and with his coach, Chris Davis, in the pool. For those of you local to the Atlanta area, pay attention to the Gwinnett Daily Post, sports writer Brandon Brigman came out to the gym to do an interview with and profile on Karl and it is supposed to run sometime next week!

Karl doing a drill to help build an explosive start!
Dry-land energy system work!
Developing strength & power-endurance through the very important hip & torso rotation function.

Here is a rundown of the physical and performance progress Karl has experienced since beginning his training on January 23, 2013.

Physical Improvement
Body-weight: 185.8 lbs - 195.8 lbs (10 lb scale weight gain)

Body-fat: 8.29% - 5.94% (2.35% reduction in body-fat)

Lean mass gain: +12.86 lbs of lean mass gained

Fat loss: -3.86 lbs of fat lost

Strength & strength endurance improvements: While I am not training him for a weight lifting competition, and the most important factor is how well his pool performance improves, I have seen a huge improvement in his strength and power in the gym. 

For instance, his best deadlift when he started was 295 lb, in his last maximal strength training cycle he easily pulled a 365 lb deadlift with some left in the tank (I will never let him test a true maximal effort, but this gives you a good idea of the type of strength he's built). 

His relative strength has improved dramatically, when he started he could only do 10 body-weight chin-ups, now can perform multiple sets of 15 reps in the body-weight chin-up for regular training sets. In addition, he's performed sets of 10 reps with a 25 lb weight hanging from his waist. This is a tremendous improvement in his relative strength and lat strength / power / endurance is crucial for a freestyle swimmer.

His lower body power is critical for his start, which he, and his coach Chris, both admitted to me is one of his weakest points in his performance. To give you an idea how much power his legs are capable of, he can regularly jump from a static, seated position-and land in a perfect squat position-onto a 45" box - and his best seated box jump is an awesome 51"! This is a tremendous display of static-overcome-by-dynamic force production. In addition to various jumps and explosive movements, introducing accommodating resistance methods (via attaching bands and/or chains to the bar) when he box squats and deadlifts has been very beneficial in his ability to produce power. (*Note - Anyone who uses this methodology can thank Louie Simmons for introducing it to the world of strength and conditioning.)

While I could go on and on about his physical improvements, this gives you a pretty good idea of what he's accomplished in a very short period of time. He is proof that when you dedicate yourself to the training, nutrition, and proper recovery measures GREAT things happen!

Now, all this gym stuff is great but means absolutely squat if his specific performance does not improve. Here is a quick run-down in that arena.

Performance Improvement
Prior to the low back injury that Karl suffered his senior year at Auburn, his best event times were as follows: 

*I think it is very important to not that after Karl's senior year season was over he basically to a break from training until he relocated to Atlanta, when you keep that in mind I think these results are even more impressive!

Long Course Times
50m: 22.5
100m: 50.7

Short Course Times
50m: 19.2
100m: 42.7

Here is a list of the events Karl has participated in since he moved to Atlanta to begin training with his coach, Chris Davis.

March 15-17, 2013 - Metro Divisionals (short course)
50m: 20.01
100m: 43.6
200m: 1:38.7
*this was is first meet in a while and he certainly had some rust to shake off, however, even after an injury and huge layoff he expressed to me that coming in within about a second of his best ever times was alright for this point in time.

May 11-12, 2013 - Charlotte Ultra Swim (long course, wearing a suit)
50m: 22.7 (only 2/10 of a second off his best ever time!)
100m: 50.9 (only 2/10 of a second off his best time!)

June 1-2, 2013 - Betsy Dunbar Invite (long course, without a suit-> this is an important detail!)
50m: 22.9 (only 0.4 seconds slower than his best time in a suit, and only 0.2 seconds slower than his most recent time in a suit!)
100m: 51.8 (only 1.1 seconds slower than his best time in a suit, and only 0.9 seconds slower than his most recent time in a suit!)

While I am no swimming professional, I think it's safe to say that these performances are more than validating the general preparation work he's doing with me at Extreme Performance Training Systems, and MOST importantly the level of expertise and coaching he is receiving under the watchful eye of his coach Chris at Swim Atlanta!

It is an absolute honor to work with someone so dedicated to improving his performance!

Best of luck next week Karl, we know you're going to kill it!



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