Karl training with kettlebells.
Today's blog is going to be a profile on one of our athlete / clients, 9 time All American Swimmer from Auburn University, Karl Krug.

My friend and fellow AKC/WKC Kettlebell Coach Patrick Baeder contacted me back in November of 2012 and told me about a really good swimmer he was doing some training with who was moving to Atlanta and that he'd be contacting me.

Karl came in for and initial consultation and as I write this has just finished his first block of strength & conditioning training here with me at EPTS.

Karl has an exceptional work ethic, is in the process of furthering an amazing swimming career (which hopefully ends up at the Olympics), and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Thanks for choosing Extreme Performance Training Systems as your strength and conditioning facility Karl, we're excited to have the opportunity to train with you!

Photo credit: www.al.com / Todd Van Emst
EPTS Athlete Profile - Karl Krug

Q. What is your name, age, and hometown? 

A. Karl Krug IV, 23, Yucaipa, CA

Q. What is your sport and competitive background? 
A. Swimming is my sport of choice. I played all sorts of sports growing up including; football, basketball, water-polo and baseball along with swimming. I have finaled at multiple National Championships and have competed in the last 2 Olympic Trials with semi finaling here in 2012. I'm a 9 time All American while competing at Auburn University. 

Q. What are your events and your best times / personal records? 
A. My events are 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle.  Best times are 19.2 and 42.7 for short course yards and for long course they are 22.5 and 50.3 

Q. Tell us about your college recruitment and experience in college swimming? 
A. I was recruited all across the country by every major Division 1 college. I picked Auburn because of the history of great sprinters that have come out of there. While there I won a national championship and 4 consecutive SEC championships.

Q. What are your aspirations and goals now? 
A. To keep getting better one day at a time whether that is in the pool or out of it.

Q. Where are you currently swimming and who is your coach? 
A. I currently swim at Swim Atlanta with Chris Davis.
Q. Why did you choose Extreme Performance Training Systems as your strength & conditioning preparation facility? 
A. I chose EPTS because I believed in the vision that Scott had for me. He didn't look at me as just a swimmer but as an individual who needed better balance to exceed where I have been. 

Q. How has your experience in our training program been so far? 
A. It has far exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail that Scott provides is what every athlete needs to get better.

Q. What competitive events do you have scheduled for 2013? 
A. A few meets but the main event will be at the end on June which is the trials for the World Championships.

Thanks Karl!


Karl's Training

Karl is training with us 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The primary focus is on building strength, power, functional muscle mass, developing the energy systems required in his events, and transferring these abilities into his performance in the water.

While we cannot share the specifics of his programming, it is made up mainly of an extensive dynamic warm-up, special drills for the rotator-cuff and shoulder girdle, Indian club swinging exercises to further strength the shoulders, traditional strength training movements to build strength / power / muscle mass, and kettlebell and special core movements for energy systems development.



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