Scott w/ Dr. Ed Thomas.
No pain, no gain. Feel the burn. My trainer is evil and tortures me every session. blah blah blah...

I seriously think alot of this is just false bravado that stems from wanting a pat on the back and recognition from others for how hard we "brought it" in the gym today.

Hell, there are some "systems" of exercise that give awards for puking after or during a particularly grueling workout. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make someone puke during exericse, actually it's quite easy and in my opinion not a desireable training goal.

When did training become more about abuse, and less about becoming, stronger, healthier, and more fit?

Does your workout lead to progress or physical damage? Which is better? If you experience an injury it may sideline your training. Last time I checked, not training was a bad way to progress and get better.

I, along with three friends, had the very good fortune of learning from Dr. Ed Thomas in my gym for an afternoon a while back. If you don't know who he is you should fix that. Dr. Thomas has forgetten more about training and physical culture than most of us will ever learn.

One of the most simplistically brilliant things I've ever heard was when, after discussing the current state of the fitness industry, he told me, "Fitness shouldn't hurt."

Nuff' said...

Stay Strong AND Healthy!




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