2012 GA State Kettlebell Sport Championships.
A client of mine texted me earlier this week as he was on his way into the gym about a local radio personality who was doing kettlebell swings as part of his morning show.  I guess he was doing two-hand swings with a 16kg bell every commercial break with a goal of 1000 by the end of the show.  This is pretty cool as it might pique someone's curiosity about kettlebells, what they are, how to train with them and why they are effective.

Unfortunately because of the popularity of kettlebell training over the last few years, and a lack of education when it comes to technique and good lifting form, many people are losing out on the majority of the benefits of this form of exercise and sport.

There have been a lot of arguments over the years in the kettlebell world about what is the best technique, what is the best way to train, and so on and so forth.

Here's the deal.  There is no style of kettlebell lifting.  There is only good, safe and efficient technique and there is bad technique.  There is kettlebell lifting for fitness and there is kettlebell sport lifting.  Regardless of your individual goal you should always strive to use the safest, most efficient technique as possible.

Consider running, some do it for fitness and some compete in running events-either way exceptional technique is a must, or your running career-whether it is to compete or just stay in shape-will be short lived.

If you are a kettlebell lifter in the southeast I would strongly encourage you to consider trying out a competition.  We have three competitions happening in the southeast in 2013.  April is the Florida meet, May is the North Carolina meet and August is the Georgia meet.  You spend all that time training, why not step up onto the platform and see what you got?  There's nothing like preparing for a competition-your training sessions will take on a whole new meaning and you will progress faster than you've ever imagined.

So if you live in the southeast and love to lift kettlebells, I challenge you to come out to one of our competitions and find out why kettlebell sport represents the pinnacle of kettlebell lifting and challenge yourself to bigger numbers and greater progress in 2013!  All kettlebell enthusiasts, regardless of "styles" and affiliations, are welcome to come out and find out who can legitimately call themselves the best kettlebell lifter in the southeast.  Remember, numbers don't lie. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the platform!

For more information on Kettlebell Sport in the Southeast check out: http://www.sekbsport.com

AND if you want to train at Atlanta's strongest kettlebell gym contact us at: http://www.extreme-fitness.org

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04/04/2016 14:05

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