Today is January 1, 2013 and I’m writing this blog sitting at my kitchen table after just finishing a shot of wheatgrass and a green vegetable and fruit smoothie. My how times have changed! I have to say it’s pretty cool to wake up on New Year’s Day feeling healthy and refreshed, and not feeling like complete ass.

2013 will mark my 15th year working in the Health and Fitness industry. January is always a huge month for the industry due to the resolutionists-or as the General (a gentleman named Charles who used to be a member of a health club I ran) called them the “new shoes”.

The “new shoes” do it every year; they run out and buy all the latest supplements, stock up on current foods for whatever fad-diet is the trend, buy new workout clothes and sign up for a year at the local fitness center. Sure, this is great for the various authors of Paleo Diet books, Whole Foods, Lululemon and Life Time Fitness; but it isn’t for the person wasting all this money.

It’s no secret that most fail in keeping their fitness-or most any other-resolutions they make for the upcoming New Year.

I feel a lot of the failure is that people look at fitness changes as a 12-week contest and not a complete lifestyle change. They are willing to try something totally radical for a short-term fix, but it is rarely something they can maintain day in and day out for the rest of their lives.
The best way to make changes is to change something small and stick with it for a while. Once this becomes a habit, make another change in the direction you are trying to go, and then another, and another. It is far better to make consistent baby steps that become daily habit than to try to change everything in one day and fail miserably.

My wife Lisa made a great comment the other day. Lisa has been eating very healthy almost day in and day out for years now. She wants to clean up her diet even more. A couple of years ago we stopped eating meat and have slowly been moving from more of a pescatarian / vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. Last year I went mostly raw vegan and she made the decision she wants to incorporate a greater amount of raw vegan foods into her diet. She said I just want to do it now instead of waiting until January 1st like everyone else. She wanted to make a life-style change on December 26th so she just did it-no big deal. No setting herself up for failure. Most excellent!
My 2013 wish is peace, health and happiness for ALL sentient beings!
People often ask me what my resolutions are every year. I don’t make resolutions. I just try to get better every year. I try to be a better husband, a better trainer, a better businessman, to help more people, etc. It’s never easy and every year presents new challenges; that’s life I guess.

Challenges are just opportunities to teach you something, to allow you to improve yourself. There is nothing magical about picking a date like January 1st. It’s no different than any other day, so why wait? Once you make a decision to do something, do it and stick with it, whether that day is January 2nd or July 20th it doesn’t matter, the sooner the better.

What I challenge you to do in 2013 is figure out what you really want to do, to be and to accomplish. Make a real goal. Make it personal. Make it something that makes you come alive. Make it something that you would want people to remember you for after you die.

Pick a goal, or goals, and then begin taking steps every day in that direction, no matter how big or how small just take some action every day. Make it a life thing, not a 12-week contest. Make it your own goal, something you want for yourself and not something others-not even family and friends-want for you.

This is your time and your life. Start doing what you want, and if you don’t know what that is, figure it out-today. Don’t look externally; don’t listen to what is popular on TV or in the magazines or on the web.

Instead look internally. Meditate, go inside yourself and rediscover your true nature. Break your attachments for a while and listen to that tiny voice inside you; that voice is never wrong and will always steer you in the right direction.
Make 2013 different than all the other years. F@#$ your resolutions and go bigger than that; figure out why you are here, then lock your sights on it and do it!

I wish you the absolute best in everything you do, not just this year but for the rest of your life!

Stay Strong AND Healthy!



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